Why Does My Phone Hang Up By Itself?

Why Does My Phone Hang Up By Itself?

Hang-up by yourself? Does that ever happen to you? Maybe it does and maybe it doesn’t. But if it does, chances are, you face a lot of phone issues every day. We’re talking issues like poor battery life, overheating, network issues, and software bugs. But hang-ups aren’t necessarily a big deal if you don’t mind re-dialing a number or resetting your phone settings. Here’s why your phone hangs up by itself and how you can fix the problem.

Why Does Your Phone Hang Up by Itself?

If a phone is hanging up by itself, there are a few possible reasons why it might be happening. Sometimes, the phone can hang due to low network signal strength. This issue can be addressed by ensuring the mobile phone is connected to a strong network signal.

If a phone hangs due to low storage space, try restarting it. If that doesn’t work, you could try rebooting your device as a last resort option. Also, updating software on your phone can help fix this issue. Outdated software may also cause the phone to hang, so it’s important to keep your software up-to-date. Finally, malware-infected applications can cause the phone to hang, so ensure no apps are installed from unidentified sources. Overheating of the mobile device can also cause it to hang in the middle of tasks, so make sure your device isn’t overheating and that it is properly charged and maintained.

1 Poor Signal

Hang-ups can occur when the phone is facing a poor signal. If the strength of a cellular network is low, the phone may continuously call or send data until it is able to establish a connection. This may result in a hang-up or drop-out of call. A weak signal can also cause the phone to hang up as it tries to email, text, or place a call repeatedly until it can establish a connection.

The software and apps on your phone may be outdated or corrupted, which may cause them to freeze or hang up. Additionally, poor network signals can slow down the phone and lead to freezing or hanging issues. If you are experiencing issues with your phone hanging up by itself, check for weak signals, outdated software, and app conflicts.

How to Fix Poor Signal?

If you are experiencing issues with your phone hanging up by itself, resetting its connection to the network may help. You can do this by toggling airplane mode on and off or restarting the phone. Additionally, resetting your SIM card will ensure that your phone is connected to the network properly. If you have a newer phone, you will need to reset its network settings to improve connection quality. Other steps you can take include checking for Wi-F i black spots in your house, or if your router is old and outdated. If none of these solutions work, it may be time for a new phone.

2 Damaged SIM Card

A damaged SIM card can lead to a phone hanging up by itself. A damaged SIM card could be the result of a mis-insertion, or if it is the wrong type for the phone’s operating system. Another possible cause of a phone hanging up by itself is if network signals are weak or intermittent. If a phone hangs up by itself, it could be due to a damaged SIM card or weak network signals. Another possibility is if you have downloaded applications from suspicious websites or with malware on your phone.

If you are experiencing issues with your phone hang up by itself, it is best to check the status of your SIM card and ensure that it is in proper working order. This will help ensure that network signals are strong and consistent and prevent the phone from freezing. Additionally, keeping an up-to-date security software on your phone’s can help protect against viruses and other malware that might damage the phone’s storage space or RAM.

How to Fix a Damaged SIM Card?

If the SIM card looks damaged, you must replace it immediately. You can do this by accessing your phone’s settings and looking for a “SIM card” option. If the card needs to be replaced, you may be eligible for a free replacement. Additionally, if your warranty is still active, you can contact your cell phone provider for assistance. However, if the fingerprint scanner on your Android device is not working properly, you must contact the manufacturer for technical support.

Besides replacing the card, you must also look for other issues that may be causing your phone to hang up by itself. For instance, it could be a software issue or a hardware problem in the phone. If none of these issues are responsible for the problem, consider having your phone checked by an expert

3 Your Phone Needs a Reboot

Restarting your phone can help flush out any misbehating software or corrupted data and restore it to full operation. Uninstalling third-party apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook can help resolve the issue with the phone hanging up in safe mode. You can also disable the end call functionality of the side button on your phone which can help in preventing unwanted hang ups. FaceTime calls can also be affected and random disconnections and hangups can occur. Rebooting your phone can help clear stored data and reset the phone to its original state, which can help in preventing hang ups. If you are experiencing this issue with your phone, try restarting it and see if that helps.

4 Apps on Your Phone Need an Update

Keeping apps up to date on your phone is important to ensure optimal performance and performance stability. To update apps on your iPhone, open the App Store and check for updates. If there are any available, simply update them from within the app. If there are no updates available, reset your phone to the factory settings and check for updates again. Alternatively, reseting your phone’s network settings can also sometimes solve a mobile app issue. In addition to updating apps and resetting network settings, you can also try restarting your phone if the problem persists. It all depends on the cause of the app hang-up and how quickly you can troubleshoot and solve the issue.

5 Clean Up Apps on Your Phone

Uninstall unused apps and delete any unnecessary data to free up some storage space. Look for apps that are draining your battery and uninstall them or disable their background activity. Clear your browser history and stored passwords to protect your data. Make sure all of your apps are up-to-date. Finally, check to make sure all of your apps are from legitimate and safe sources. This will help ensure that you have no software malware or viruses on your phone.

Clean up the apps on your phone to free up storage space and increase its performance. Uninstall any unused apps and clean up your app store to make room for new ones. It’s also a good idea to periodically update all of your apps to ensure they stay current and secure. Additionally, regularly back up your phone contents so you can always restore it in case of a hardware failure or other problem with the phone. By optimizing the performance of your phone, you can save time and hassle while staying connected with the latest updates and trends.

6 Network Settings Need a Reset

If your phone hangs up by itself, it may be due to network settings that need a reset. Old or outdated software versions can also be the cause of this issue. If you have low storage or RAM, your phone may hang up. There are also several other factors such as malware from downloaded apps and overheating that can contribute to this problem. To fix this issue, you must reset network settings or update your software. These steps will help your phone run smoothly and avoid hanging up by itself.

7 Check for Malware on Your Phone

If you are experiencing frequent phone hang-ups, there could be a range of reasons. Regularly checking your phone for malware to prevent hang-ups is a good way to protect your phone from malicious apps or software. If you keep your phone away from hot surfaces to prevent overheating and hang-ups, you can also help prevent your phone from unexpectedly shutting down. If call quality keeps dropping, it may be time to reset the settings on your phone. For example, you can reset the network settings or disable airplane mode and restart the phone to fix a call failed message. Additionally, disabling the battery saver option may automatically drop calls when the battery is low; this can cause call flow issues and hang-ups.

Besides keeping your phone secure and maintained, it would also be beneficial to update the software on your phone regularly to ensure it has the latest security updates and capabilities. Overall, if you experience frequent Hang-Ups on your Android device, make sure to regularly check for malware on your phone and do some troubleshooting to fix any issues.

8 Memory on Your Phone Needs a Clean-up

Clearing app’s cache and data can help ensure your phone isn’t being held back by memory. If you have a large number of photos, music, movies, or other downloaded files on your phone, it can quickly become bogged down by storage space. To free up some space, you can delete these files from your phone. Additionally, resetting your SIM card to ensure your phone can read all the contacts properly can help prevent you from accidentally sending a call to the wrong person or missing an important call. If none of these tips work, resetting the factory settings of your phone may be necessary to give it a fresh start.

9 Phone Is Overheating

If your phone hangs up by itself, it could be due to a number of issues. For instance, poor network signals can cause your phone to slow down and hang. If you are experiencing this issue, make sure that you have a strong signal and update your software to the latest version.

Older software can also lead to your phone hanging. As phones become more advanced, they tend to use more memory and storage space. If you are running low on space or RAM, your phone may hang up by itself. Malware can also be downloaded through apps and cause your phone to hang. If you notice this happening, remove the app and update your operating system software as soon as possible. Finally, overheating can cause your phone to overheat and hang by itself. This usually occurs if you leave it in a hot place for too long or if there is a software error in the operating system.

10 Your Phone Needs Battery Replacement

If your phone’s battery has reached a critically low level, it may drop calls or disconnect unexpectedly. When this happens, you may find that your phone randomly hangs up, stops working, or just stops ringing. If your phone constantly disconnects, it may be due to weak cellular signal. Sometimes, however, your phone may hang up by itself; this can happen for a number of reasons. Ongoing poor cellular coverage could be one of them. Eventually, if none of the above solutions work, it may be time to replace the battery and resolve the issue. However, before doing so, make sure to power off your iPhone and remove the SIM card to avoid any possible damage.

11 Your Mobile Games

Uninstalling third-party apps can help resolve the issue of your phone hanging up by itself. When there is a weak signal or low battery in your phone, FaceTime can automatically end the call. If you have issues with FaceTime ending calls, make sure your iPhone cellular data is turned on for every Wi-Fi connection and check the settings of your carrier from the main menu in Settings under Cellular Data. Additionally, check if your carrier has recently made any changes in their routing systems. If the issue persists, contact your carrier or Apple support for more help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my phone keep hanging up on calls?

Whenever you are making phone calls, one of the most important things to keep in mind is your phone’s signal strength. If the signal strength is weak, your phone may start dropping calls. Another factor that can affect phone call quality is the type of SIM card that you are using. If the card is not properly inserted or if there is liquid or physical damage to the phone, call quality can be degraded.
In addition, insufficient free space on your phone can also lead to dropped calls. Finally, poor network coverage can also cause call drops. So, if you notice that your phone keeps dropping calls, it is best to check the signal strength and make sure that all of your phone’s components are working correctly.

How can I stop my phone from hanging?

There are a few things that you can do to help stop your phone from hanging and ending calls in the middle of a conversation.
First, on your iPhone 11 or later, disable the end call functionality of the Side button with the help of iOS 16.
2. Next, troubleshoot the network problem on your phone to get to the root of the problem.
3. Finally, reset your network settings to stop your phone from ending calls in the middle of a conversation.
Additionally, keep your phone off hot surfaces to avoid overheating and avoiding using the phone while its charging to reduce chance of overheating.

Why does my phone hang up by itself iPhone?

Apple-made iPhones may hang up by themselves due to signal issues. Improperly inserted SIM cards can also be the cause of phone hanging. Physical or liquid damage to the phone can also lead to hanging. Less free space on the device can also result in hanging. Running heavy apps can also lead to hanging.

Why does my phone hangs up by itself?

There are a few possible causes of phones hanging up by themselves. Phone calls may be interrupted due to signal issues, physical or liquid damage, damaged SIM cards, or lack of storage space. Old phones may be more prone to hanging up due to outdated hardware. Running heavy apps or using a SIM card that is not inserted correctly may cause phones to hang up. Resetting your network settings can be a possible fix for phones that hang up by themselves. Poor reception or environmental factors may also be a cause of phones hanging up.

Why does FaceTime hang up and how to fix it?

One of the most common reasons why FaceTime calls can randomly disconnect or hang up is because of an unstable internet connection or incorrect date/time settings on the device. Other causes of this include a weak or unstable cell phone signal, bugs in FaceTime software, or malware that infects your device.
To troubleshoot FaceTime call issues and fix hangs-up or dropped connections, restart your device, check the internet connection, and set the date and time correctly on your device. In some cases, users may need to update their device to the latest version of iOS to fix FaceTime issues.


Some of the above-mentioned reasons could be the cause of your phone hanging up by itself. You should look into them and try to fix them to prevent this from happening again. Also, keep in mind that the phone is getting hung up due to a software glitch or app bug and not because of any issues with your phone. If you follow the above-mentioned solutions, they can help you solve the issue and your phone will start working normally again. However, if these solutions fail to work, contact a mobile service technician for assistance.

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